Stove & Fireplace Installation

Nothing adds warmth and style to your home quite like a fireplace or stove. With the wide range of availability as well as the array of brands and types, there is a stove or fireplace option out there for any need! From gas fireplaces to wood stove options, here at Hearth & Stove we have everything you need to satisfy your tastes, as well as the capabilities to get it installed, repaired or maintained.


When choosing a fireplace for your Philadelphia, Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA home, there is a wide array of options to choose from. The fireplace you choose may depend on your space, energy saving needs, style and of course, your budget. Gas fireplaces are great if there are areas of your home you would like to heat, while keeping other areas regulated. Wood fireplaces are the traditional favorite, providing that crackling log sound that is comforting to so many. While electric fireplaces are able to be installed in virtually any room in your home.

Stove Installations

With a variety of stoves available including gas, electric, coal and wood stove options, we can assist you in finding the perfect choice for your home, as well as handle the installation! Each stove option provides versatility and benefits to help make your home warm and safe.

Contact Our Fireplace & Stove Experts

If you are unsure whether a stove or fireplace would best suite your needs or budget, don’t worry! Our fireplace and stove specialists are here to help and answer any questions you may have regarding heating, energy efficiency, brands, types and more. There is a perfect fireplace or stove for your home and our team of experts are more than happy to help you discover the option that fits your style as well as your budget. For more information on stoves and fireplaces, please contact us today!