If you’re like us, one of the most important things in your home during the winter is your stove. With all of the use during the winter season, often times people get distracted with the changing of the season and the warmer weather and forget to properly close out their winter heating solutions.

We are reminding you to close these out properly. It is a great idea to clean your chimney and fireplace thoroughly before heading out to the backyard to do some cooking and entertaining.

Exterior chimney repair requires good weather to get work done and the spring is the best time to get these kind of improvements and repairs completed. It also allows for better scheduling as we are not so consumed with chimney sweeping and inspections and will be able to service you faster. Another thing to consider is chimney odors. With the use of your chimney this winter to warm your home, there is an abundance of soot and creosote that can bring a very harsh smell into your home. We recommend cleaning your chimney before diving into the pools and the backyard barbecue’s of the summer. It’s just as important to properly close out your winter heating utilities as it is to make sure you’re using them correctly during the winter.

If you’re looking for a cleaning, please give us a call at our showroom or stop in and make an appointment with Rob.


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