There are few things that are worse then coming home to a cold house. You immediately run to the stove and begin the preparation to get your home heated up while waiting for the end results.

Our newest product makes simpler and easier with just a simple touch. The Looftlighter is an easy to use product that just came into our showroom and we recommend it for those who like simple and easy to use products. The Looftlighter is a product that looks much like a wand, filled with super-heated air and will light your charcoal grill or fireplace without the use of lighter fluid. As their website says, it “fast-forwards” your charcoal and briquettes and makes it possible to start cooking in a shorter amount of time.

Yes, we know it’s cold out there still. But in a few short months the temperature will heat up, and so will your barbeque grill. But as great as using your BBQ grill sounds the worst part of the experience is waiting for your grill to heat up. Luckily we have solutions to that problem in the form of our newest product to come into the showroom.

Of course the quality of the charcoal will make a difference as well. A lot of the charcoal on the market right now is bad quality. Bad quality charcoal will spark when ignited which isn’t dangerous but not very much fun either. We recommend the good quality charcoal for a few reasons. For starters, it won’t spark back on you but it will also burn longer and stay lit longer making it easier on you.

Regardless of if you use the Looftlighter for your hearth or your grill, the ease of use is still there. Simply aim the looftlighter at the wood, or charcoal and push the button. In under sixty-seconds you will begin to see the results and you will have a safe, maintained fire.

Call us at (215) 545-2505 or visit our showroom at 1719 South Street, Philadelphia for additional questions or to purchase one for your home.


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